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Аноним: hey! my best friend is a massive destiel shipper, and it's her birthday next week. do you have any ideas of a present I can give to her?

Maybe she has a favorite Destiel art that you can print on a t-shirt or something like that. :)

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Аноним: Oh wow, you got a perfect view of his butt when he climbed on that! O//u//O

Yeah, my camera knows what to capture :D

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Аноним: Did most of those people were there to see Misha or was that the general Comic con crowd? Because that's a lot of people and i can't believe they are all Misha's fans.

Majority was or Misha, his fan base here is ginormous
But there were other events going on there at the time, so some of them were there for the different reasons.

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Comic Con Russia. Sunday.

On Sunday the con went on more quietly despite the fact that there were more people.
I slept for about three hours and was in the line at 6 o’clock in the morning (the open at ten o’clock in the morning). It was very cold in the street, but I and my friends were first in the line at the entrance. We discussed rumors (rumor, because we don’t know if it’s true) that one fan stalked Misha in the hotel and scratched him on the cheek.

Before the con started Misha came out (I was the first one who noticed him). We all screamed. He was so close! (video) And I forgot how to breathe. I tried to make a video to look at him. He is amazing. My heart stopped for a second, I waited for it for five years. And here he was - Misha standing next to me. REAL MISHA! If a month ago I was told that I would see him so close, I would not believe it. And when he left… I began to cry. There were too many emotions, he is maddeningly beautiful and I adore his blue jacket. Girls calmed me and finally they let us into the building.
As we were the first ones to come, we were secretly given the tickets for the autograph session because other fans could attack (people who distributed these bracelets (tickets), ran from fans because they literally tried to rip them apart).
While we stood in a queue, Misha’s agent stepped on the stage and told that Misha was very upset with what had occurred Saturday. Fans promised that no such thing would happen again (and it is true, the panel passed more quietly). Also I talked to a girl who gave out photos for autographs. She said that when Misha is tired and is resting, some organizers approach him, asking to make a selfie, a photo or give the autograph.
When I came into the room, I saw Misha. He looked at me and smiled. It was enough for me to be rendered speechless.
He looked right into my eyes and deep in soul. I became very anxious and hardly greeted him and he greeted me too. My God, is it Misha Collins talking to me? Is it real or a dream? I stammered and shivered. I knew what I wanted to tell him, but because of my nervousness I forgot everything. Somehow I started talking to him and handed him the letter in which I put my love and soul. This letter was personal and had special value for me therefore almost nobody knows what I wrote in it. Misha promised that he will read it and winked at me. I thought that it was too god for real life! And I thanked him. One of the organizers asked me, if I was ok and walked me to the exit.

Personally I did not attend Misha’s panel because there were too many people. Because of what happened on Saturday, I didn’t want to risk it and simply observed from the second floor through the glass. I was very excited with Misha after the autograph and I didn’t need anything else. It was enough for me that this day became the best day in my life. I watched him for a long time.

Sometimes I tried to get a bracelet for a photo op, but fans simply went crazy. It was a pity that people who go to JIB con every year and bring a photo with Misha from there, literally snatched out bracelets (they went around a hall with their photos with Misha from photo ops, where on a reverse side it was written “Give me a bracelet for a photo op”). One girl shamelessly wrote how she snatched a photo op bracelet from another girl and stated that she deserved it more. Some of the organizers tried to sell bracelets though they were for free.
My acquaintance got a photo op bracelet and said that Misha looked indifferent and very tired, and it was disheartening, having him seen in such state.
By the way, there was the same nonsense happening with bracelets. One guy who distributed them, had to deal with 50-100 people. And he was forced to hide. Different information kept coming about ticket distributors (on the stage at first it was said that they would be distributed by organizer girls, but then changed it and said that volunteers would distribute). Also the bracelets were raffled off, but it was humiliating for Misha’s fans.
But for me it was not that important. I am happy that I was able to give the letter to Misha and saw him personally. Even talked to him. This is enough.

Though I changed my attitude to the Misha’s Russian fandom. I am very disappointed by both fans and the con. But, fortunately, there are very good people with whom I perfectly spent time.

I will never go again to comic con in Russia. I will pay a large sum of money, but I will be sure that on the convention there will be order, I won’t get wounded, hurt or deceived.
I declare officially that October 5, 2014 was the best day in my life. Even despite the awful organization.

Thank you for the translation.


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YEAH! #mishacollins #supernatural #spn #comicconrussia #mishainmoscow #happy #castiel

Аноним: Poor Misha. And poor fans who were actually being well-behaved. I don't blame him for being afraid - I hope everyone realizes that it wasn't his fault at all.

It’s fans’ and orginizers’ fault. I think Misha understands perfectly that the organizers failed. They could not organize the panel accordingly. Also, I think there has to be a age limit for cons.

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Аноним: Please take care tomorrow! ;0;

I will try.

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Misha sings a Russian song 

Misha was given a little teddy bear. He said that West was asking him for a toy and Misha had promised him to bring a teddy bear from Russia.