< It's Destiel, baby!
It's Destiel, baby!

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Iren, 18, Russia.

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I will be here. I’ll see you soon.

Misha will be coming to Comic Con in Russia. And I will get meet him! Honestly, I am so excited I just can’t. I never thought this would be possible. There is gonna be a photo op, and I am going to get his autograph
I promise you guys a ton of photos! Life dream coming true :3

Here’s my new cozy corner
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They told me, that I can only bring the most necessary things to the dorms. Sadly I can’t bring my cat, so I bring this #cockles #jensenackles #mishacollins #supernatural #spn



Queer Dean Month?


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Love is…

…washing the dishes.


Аноним: You're very welcome! Just know the Destiel/Cockles fandom loves you just as much as you love us. uwu <3

Sometimes I want to cry from happiness when I read messages like that.
Thanks, I love you.

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Аноним: Your manips keep getting more and more amazing, you're a gift to the Destiel/Cockles fandom! ♡

I love this fandom to death, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
And this compliment right there is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.
I can’t even explain how much I appreciate it, anon.
Thank you so much!

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finecas: OMG bless you and your life and your cow and your family and your perfect blog and everything, you are perfect and your art skills are fucking incredible.

Oh gosh thank you! However, I do not have a cow, because why have cows when you can have cats! :D

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Аноним: you should be knighted or sainted or something for that newest manip oh my god it's the best thing i've ever seen

I am blushing ^^
I am so glad you like it, thank you so much!

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Sometimes kittens are just better than words.

Out of all the items my favorite one was #92. I think my friends and I did well on it, and more importantly we had fun.

92. Forgive someone with whom you have been holding a grudge against.